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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions
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The FAQ section of MSBTI is here to answer most questions for people that are new to the industry or are interested in becoming a bail bondsman. Please send us a message if you have further questions.


Is MSBTI an association for bondsmen?

No. We are strictly an education provider approved by the Mississippi Department of Insurance. There are no dues or membership fees. We don’t have meetings or lobbyists.


Are you part of the Ms Bail Agents Association or MCOBS?

No. While we believe that having an association to address the needs of the industry is important, we would rather focus on the quality of your education.


Is this an approved school?

YES! For a long time, there was only 1 approved education provider for the state. The law was changed and there are now more approved schools. MSBTI is on the Mississippi Department of Insurance list of approved providers. Check Here https://www.sircon.com/ComplianceExpress/NonSscrbEducation/index.jsp?nonSscrb=Y



Are you accepting more students?

We are always accepting students! Even if the class that you are trying to register for is full, there is usually another class you can get into without any trouble. Just check our https://msbti.com/events/event_list.asp for class schedules.


How much does it cost?

We offer many products and classes, we are very competitive in our prices. Please check the website for pricing. Promotional prices will be posted and promoted to site members. https://msbti.com/events/event_list.asp


How do I get a job as a bondsman?

This is one of the most common questions we get. Here is a step by step licensing process

1.       Find a bonding company that is willing to hire you. (You can take the class before hand but most people don’t)

2.       Take the 40-hour pre-license class

3.       After you have completed the class, schedule your pre-license exam thru https://home.pearsonvue.com/ms/insurance

4.       Schedule an appointment with the Department of Insurance to have your fingerprint background check done.

5.       Go get your passport photo made

6.       Print and fill out the Dept of Insurance application https://www.mid.ms.gov/licensing/pdf/applications/bailapplication.pdf

7.       Once steps 2 – 6 are complete, you must have a company to work for in place. You will need a professional agent to sign your application. Once you have the application signed, send the application, the passport photo and a check in the appropriate amount to the MS Dept of Insurance.


Can I be a bounty hunter if I take this class?

Simply taking the class does not authorize you to conduct business as a bail enforcement agent (aka Bounty Hunter). The class is only one of the steps that you must complete in order to get a bail enforcement license. Once you are licensed, you can bounty hunt for the professional agent(s) that you are licensed under. The cool thing is, a bail enforcement class of license can have multiple professional agents on it.


What are the license types?

Bail Enforcement Agent (BEA) – A license that allows the agent to enforce bail (bounty hunt) for the professional agent. You must work under a professional agent in order to obtain this license.

Bail Soliciting Agent (BSA) – A license that allows the agent to sign bonds on behalf of the professional agent in order to have someone that is in jail released out on bond.

Professional Bail Agent – The company owner, the professional agent is responsible for the actions of each BEA and BSA licensed under them


What kind of license can I get?

Provided that you passed a background check with the Mississippi Department of Insurance.

If this is your first time licensing as a bail agent, you would qualify for a BSA and/or BEA license.

In order to qualify for a Professional Bail Agent license, you must be licensed as a BSA for a minimum of 3 years.

Do I have to take the class more than once?

You only have to take the 40-hour pre-license course once. The course is good for any license type.


What if I had a bail enforcement or bail soliciting license in the past, do I still have to take the class?

In order to qualify for any new license or applying after your previous license has lapsed, you must have taken the 40-hour pre-license course and Mississippi bail exam.

If you have EVER taken the 40-hour pre-license course and Mississippi bail exam, you DO NOT have to take them again. You simply apply for a new license.

If you have had the 40-hour pre-license course and not the Mississippi bail exam, you would need to take the exam BEFORE you apply for a new license.

You cannot apply for a new license until you have both of these done.


Where can I take the 40-hour pre-license course and Mississippi bail exam?

MSBTI offers the 40-hour pre-license course, check out our class schedule here https://msbti.com/events/event_list.asp


The Mississippi bail exam is administered by Pearson Vue and must be scheduled thru them https://home.pearsonvue.com/ms/insurance